The History of Presidential Conventions
by R. Craig Sautter

Inside the Wigwam:
Chicago Presidential Conventions 1860-1996

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Wild Onion Books, Loyola Press, 1996   (very few copies available)
   pages: 310    size: 8.5" x 11"    price: $50.00

"Congratulations on this great book."
   —President William Jefferson Clinton

"A history of national conventions held in Chicago from the Civil War era to the 1996 convention, capturing their drama, behind-the-scenes intrigue, and local color. Chapters on individual conventions describe their historical significance, and include fact boxes highlighting convention details, key political issues, statistics, and trivia. Includes b&w photos. For history buffs."   Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
   —Book News, Inc.

"A Best Bet written in a lovely manner, the book is a treasure of political and historical tidbits."
   —USA Today

"An extraordinary political history of the United States and political parties "
   —Roy Harvey, Chicago Books

"There are a lot of books on Chicago history; Inside the Wigwam takes a unique approach at the Windy City as a political powerhouse for the rest of the nation. It tells the stories of presidential nominating conventions from the unlikely candidacy of Republican Abraham Lincoln in 1860 to the bloody battle of the 1968 Democratic convention. ... The result is a popular history that never fails to entertain as it informs. This is my favorite book on Chicago history."
   —Arnie Bernstein, The Hoofs and Guns of the Storm: Chicago's Civil War Connections

Inside the Wigwam:
Chicago Presidential Conventions 1860-1996


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